Volume 02

Hi again, friends.

Last month we sent out the first edition of our band newsletter and then got swift retribution from the internet because of how many people did not want our newsletter. So to those receiving this now, welcome back, and a sincere thank you for sticking with us.

This November issue includes a song that we’ve been playing at shows for about a year; we recorded the core parts back in March and just recently added some finishing touches. It’s called Caroline, Marion, and Court – not a law firm, but a connection of streets where Matt lived when he was younger. A good time of year for nostalgia, right?

FROM THE MAILBAG: A new feature where we respond to questions from fans.

Stacie from Cincinnati writes: “Is Great Mutations the first band you’ve each been in?”

Thanks for your question, Stacie. No, we’ve each been in several bands, some better known than others:

Bananasaurus Hex, The Amazing Punch Bowl, Boys Read Maps, Ben Folds Napkins, Garden Jargon, Yo-Yo Lingo, Better Than Better Than Ezra, a la fart, Price Chopper Blues Band, Shrinky-Dinks, The Hats UK, The Hats US, Format This, Bear Grass, Used Lemon.

Finally, our bassist Mitch recently got engaged. We couldn’t be happier for him and his fiancee, Betsy. On a related note, if anyone knows a good bassist who is free to rehearse on Wednesdays, please contact us at the address below.

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