Volume 03

Hi friends,

This month we’ve got another new song to share with you, called “One of Us”.

The song’s vibe suggests that the singer might break off into a smooth and sexy apology at around the third verse, so for a long time we just called the song, Giiirl.

Matt didn’t deliver on the speech part, but Mitch recorded a hot guitar lick in its place.


A couple of weeks ago, Great Mutations fanboy Thomas asked us about a part in a song we shared in our Vol. 1 newsletter: “What’s that instrument at 1:30 in the song A-Sharp?”

Answer: It’s a Mellotron. Here’s a clip from A-Sharp with the Mellotron really cranked up.

Long Answer: It’s actually a copy of a Mellotron that you can play on your computer. The real Mellotron is a kind of keyboard sampler that was developed in the 60’s. It played tape recordings of real instruments, like a violin or a flute. There was a loop of tape for each key on the keyboard that would play the sampled sound when you pressed the key. Probably the most famous and recognizable use of Mellotron was by The Beatles on the intro to Strawberry Fields Forever (it’s the flute sound).

Have an awesome December, and we’ll be back again in a few weeks!

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