Volume 08

Hi friends,

This month we’re indulging ourselves  in sharing a bit of band history with you – the time we first played together and recorded our first song. Here goes.

It was a dark and stormy night…

Well, not really, but it was likely a miserable day in late winter, 2012. Ian had invited me (Matt) to collaborate with he and Mitch on a song-of-the month project that they were assembling for 2013. Our paths had crossed on multiple occasions from playing in other bands, and so they asked me to contribute a song for their upcoming compilation that we’d record as a group.

The song here, Tirelessly Training, is the result of that session. We thought it sounded pretty good, so we decided to keep writing, playing, and recording together, and then eventually released Cheap Stuff in summer, 2014.

More songs to come – thanks for listening.

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