Volume 09

Hi friends,

We have a couple nuggets to share this month:

First, we recorded a cover of Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road”, from 1983. We did most of this around this past Memorial Day, so maybe we were feeling a holiday vibe, or perhaps just anticipating some warmer weather, but in all likelihood we were expressing our deep-seated feelings of permanent loss for the bygone endless sprawling summers that we’ve traded for the sad, slow drip of vacation time accrual. Use it or lose it!


Nugget #2: We’ve been recording like crazy for the past 24 months – like our hard drives will turn to dust if we don’t fill them with hours of songs – and so we’re releasing an album in late July, called “MANY BATTLES.”

We’ll share more details soon, but we’re excited about this one and eager to release it. Stay tuned.

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