Volume 11

Hi friends,

Hope you’re well.

Our last update here was long ago — last summer, I reckon.

That means we haven’t written you a love letter in 6…7 months.

And not because of writer’s block, nor complicated lives, nor illness, nor post-album indulgence/excess, nor resultant rehab, nor even from debilitating presidential campaign sadness, presidential election sadness,  nor presidential every-day-since sadness.

Nope,  just because of good ol’ procrastination, spotty motivation, and ultimately, waiting until we had something we wanted to say.

So here we are, and here’s the scoop:

In a couple of months we’re releasing our third album, VICTORY LAP.

We’re proud of this one — we like its personality. And it’s a fitting bookend to this trilogy of records.

We’ll share some songs soon, but for now, here’s the cover art and tracklist:


  1. Victory Lap, Part 1
  2. No Canyon
  3. Sun/You
  4. Counting Sheep
  5. I Love You Anyway
  6. Untitled
  7. One of Us
  8. Lots of 7s
  9. Madrigals
  10. Victory Lap, Part 2

Also, on April 22, we’re playing a show with Kimono Dragons and Front Business. It’s rock and surf and psych converging on one night, in one location:

Some other updates:

  • Tommy Krebs has joined us to work on new songs, some that’ll be on VICTORY LAP, some that’ll go into the vault for later.
  • Ian and Mitch and some other band peers recently re-painted the entire studio a color somewhere between pepto and peach. It’s a lot brighter, open feeling, and slightly nauseating.

Talk to you soon.

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